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Demand For Eating Out To Rise Significantly After Coronavirus Pandemic

May 8, 2020 10:16:59 PM / by Joshua Christopher

A recent survey carried out by Kantar Media has found that the demand for restaurants is set to surge in September! The positive news follows the government announcement to shut down all pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants when the UK entered lockdown.

Whilst these difficult times may leave you feeling somber and with a lack of clarity or direction, it’s important to look forward to the future and adapt to the new ‘norm’.

“Hearing this news has brought music to my ears. As the UK’s leading International Franchise exhibition, of the 200+ exhibitors we host, over 20% fall within the Food and Beverage sector and right now these brands are being heavily impacted across the globe due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m grateful our event can play a key role in invigorating the Food and Beverage industry following this crisis.”

Joshua Christopher, Marketing Manager (The Franchise Show)

In addition to our physical franchise show held in September, the virtual event will provide continued support for the industry connecting brands with people across the globe, and will provide greater accessibility than ever before!

The International Franchise Show Online is set to host over 200 global exhibitors, with one of the show's most popular industries being the food and beverage sector with over 20% of all exhibitors falling into this category.

Whilst the world is recovering from this pandemic, it’s important to remain focused, proactive and ‘ahead of the game’ so to speak. We’re already seeing well-known food and beverage franchises start to open back-up, including the likes of Costa, KFC, Burger King and McDonalds. Having this time to research, invest, and connect a range of food brands, puts you in a strong position come the return of the industry and the economy as we know it.


Get a head-start!

Did you know? The food and beverage sector is set to grow. Yes we’ve seen a temporary shrink in the sector with many businesses unfortunately not surviving, but the positive news is that many brands have adapted to cope during these unprecedented times! This could be the perfect time to get ahead of the competition, be the first to start your new venture (capture market share) and be ready for the influx of customers all itching to dine-out.


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Joshua Christopher

Written by Joshua Christopher