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Who are we?

Chicken Cottage is a British QSR brand which has been founded upon strong family values. Our first store was opened in Wembley, London in 1994.

From this inception we have grown to approximately 100 stores worldwide, currently operating out of 10 countries our global presence has firmly been established. Chicken Cottage has demonstrated the ability to possess the organisational strength for further growth, proving time and time again that it has a concept that can be loved by all and the strength to meet the challenges that global expansion provides.

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Why Chicken Cottage?

Our years of experience have enabled us to understand our market and the needs of our customers, refine the quality of our products, and develop and innovate our customer experience, whilst offering a menu that is an authentic, unique fusion of east and west.

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Tel: +1 916-752-0178

Whatsapp: +1 469-650-1458