transforming the way businesses use technology to grow. 

A Bit About Us...

EXELA works with franchise networks to implement recurring lead generation. For franchisors, we generate a flow of well educated potential franchisees. For franchisees, we generate a consistent flow of high-quality leads.

EXELA a leading new business generation company in the UK. Working with an exclusive list of companies, we develop and execute programmes aligned to the objectives of our customers. We work in deep collaboration with clients to optimise programmes.

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How We Can Help You To Grow Your Business...

1) Lead Generation & Marketing Automation​
Stop wasting time chasing down every lead. Marketing automation software transforms how you work to achieve higher engagement with less hassle.
2) Sales Management & Automation

Leads are great, but paying customers are better. Use sales management software to follow up and get even better results.

3) Customer Service and Relationships

Impress your customers with incredible service and personalised messages to make them feel valued and engaged.

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