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Who Are We?

Highly commendable by our esteemed patrons for its Franchise Consultant, Franchise Solutions and Market Entry Consulting, FranGlobal is the worldwide business augmentation of Asia’s largest franchising Solutions Company - Franchise India Holdings Limited (FIHL).

FranGlobal plays a vital role in favourably and profitably partnering diverse global companies for entry and expansion in India and other topographies.

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What We Offer.

FranGlobal is notably recommended by its clients as the dedicated strategist, growth enablers and implementation advisors. Attaining over 18 years of experience in the Franchise industry, our well-conversant professionals offer over a million man hours of business advisory experience in expert anchorage to the international company’s requisites catering the access in complex markets like India and also cautioning them regarding the pitfalls associated with it.

Our team of franchise wizards are known for their precise understanding the market of interest, probing the recognisable probabilities of identifying partners, schedule meetings with prospective end-users with the right kind of synergy and adhering the company till well established in the market.

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