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Who are we?

Founded in 2014, Tapout Fitness is part of the Tapout brand family. Tapout is owned and operated by two powerhouse brands; Authentic Brands Group (ABG), a brand development, marketing and entertainment company, which owns a global portfolio of over 30 lifestyle, sports, celebrity and entertainment brands, and World Wrestling Entertainment the preeminent provider of wrestling-based entertainment.

Our clubs feature signature Tapout Fitness classes. Tapout Fusions gives members ultimate flexibility with our progressive 20-40-60- minute class segments. This revolutionary high intensity interval training (HIIT) class combines the fun and excitement of strike training with our muscle-sculpting strength and conditioning routines.

Tapout Martial Arts, our progressive belt-ranking program for kids and adults, is our modern approach to traditional martial arts. If you want to work out on out your own, experience our proprietary Tapout 20, a drop-in-anytime, 20-minute, circuit-based HIIT training course. Some locations may opt to offer a full range of cardio and strength equipment and open 24 hours a day, so members will never miss a workout.

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Why choose us?

By streamlining the martial arts culture into mainstream fitness you get a member that:

  • Recognises the value of coaching therefore paying a higher membership
  • Appreciates the progressive improvements of classes which increases retention of those members
  • Desires to support the team and show their support which adds to revenue via purchases of retail

Furthermore, Tapout Fitness has a:

  • Low Cost Investment Per Unit: Lowest investment among all full-service fitness franchises.
  • High Revenue to Overhead Ratio: Smaller `boutique` studios typically charge higher membership fees per month.
  • Low Overhead: Lower equipment costs, no costs of goods, no perishable inventory
  • Small Staff: A Tapout Express Studio can be operated with a manager and 1-3 staff members
  • Low Fixed Expenses: Little to no variable expenses, so net margins increase significantly as revenue increases.
  • Adaptable Size: Suits urban, suburban, and rural areas and to also adapt to the competitive environment in most locations.

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