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Bodystreet franchise supports franchisees during COVID-19

May 22, 2020 4:11:22 PM / by Bodystreet

Like everyone else we were stunned by the rapid spread of COVID-19. Being a business that provides personal training this meant that our franchisees could no longer provide workouts for clients and this galvanised us, as a franchisor, into creative mode.


Within a few days Franchise Support, both in Germany and the UK, had scripted, filmed, dubbed and delivered a series of workouts that our franchisees could use to provide personal training to their client via online platforms. 

The initial feedback from clients has been very positive. They’ve enjoyed the workout, speaking to their trainers and the loved the social element of training with studio clients on line.

“The support we have had from our Franchisor in reacting to COVID-19 has been great. Support of this type is critical when we face such times as these. I can only imagine the work I would have needed to do to come up with the strategies, scripts, materials and videos on my own. This is the real benefit of being in a franchise”. Idai Makaya Bodystreet Milton Keynes Station


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Written by Bodystreet