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Tell us about the Cannabis Store Amsterdam concept.

Cannabis Store Amsterdam, and its brand marketed in the UK, Cannabillion, is an innovative concept that combines the idea of a souvenir shop with the incredible world of legal hemp. We are a young, thriving company that count on the many years of experience of our management time and offer two types of franchise that can be opened: a souvenir shop or a souvenir shop with bar service. We sell everything from smoking accessories (grinders, rolling paper, pipes, bongs, to legal hemp edibles (biscuits, muffins, chocolate, lollypops), merchandising (backpacks, jackets, t-shirts, name badges, beanies), drinks (soft drinks, CBD water, wine, beer) and an extensive cosmetic line.


What differentiates Cannabis Store Amsterdam from the competition?

In simple words, Cannabis Store Amsterdam and Cannabillion have very little competition. We are specifically do not classify ourselves in the “grow shop” category, which focus on the harvesting and production of cannabis plants, but rather present a final, finished product to the customer, derived from the cannabis plant and ready to be consumed or used. In addition to this, we pride ourselves on having the widest product range for a shop of this type in Europe, with more than 250 products in total and new products being constantly added to the list. We offer to an extremely wide range of markets from young children and tourists to smokers and people interested in the use of specific cannabinoids. We are arguably the leading hemp-related shop in the continent and are supported by an entire network of experts in the field and successful franchises in different countries.


What are some of the advantages in being a Cannabis Store Amsterdam franchisee?

The advantages of being a Cannabis Store Amsterdam or Cannabillion franchisee are numerous, generous and unparalleled. Some examples are:

  1. We charge absolutely no royalties and ask for no extra fees to be paid;
  2. We maintain an extremely low entry that goes directly towards setting up the new franchise;
  3. With the entry fee paid, the new franchisee receives constant administrative support from

The head office, various visits from the franchise before opening shop, a free three-day training course, all the furniture, accompaniment for various days before and after the inauguration of the shop and all the labour and technicians necessary to assemble everything shop location and leave it ready to open; 

  1. There is no minimum order requirement or maximum time between orders, meaning that the franchisee is free to order whenever and however much they wish;
  2. The process to become a franchisee is simple, easy to understand and quick; and
  3. We have proven success in the industry, having been awarded a number of awards and having opened our first 100 franchises.

What advice do you have for someone looking to acquire a Franchise?

The advice we give people interested in working with us is:

  1. to contact our head office at, where our friendly staff will be happy to provide information on the process and guide people through it;
  2. to start thinking about possible shop locations, taking into consideration where we already have franchises.
How do you help a potential franchisor/franchisee start a business with Cannabis Store Amsterdam?

We offer a number of priceless tools to our franchisees in order to make sure everything goes smoothly for their business and they feel at ease. These include:

  1. an exhaustive three-day training course to explain the products to the new franchisee, explain how to commercialise them and go over the legal framework to abide by;
  2. national and international advertising campaigns that benefit the entire franchise network in a certain region at once; 
  3. and the provision of our staff’s private mobile phone numbers to franchisees in order to be able to respond at any time of day.


In your opinion why do you think that Cannabis Store Amsterdam would be a fantastic opportunity for someone?

Joining the Cannabis Store Amsterdam family is synonymous with high returns and an extremely short return period for the initial investment made, with some franchisees having even earnt everything back in less than two months. Our mark-up margins range from 80% to 400%, ensuring high profits and also flexibility with regards to pricing. It is an excellent way to learn more about the benefits of the cannabis plant, to join a profitable and reliable franchising business and to share this passion with the community.

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